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[ McKinsey & Co.’s “Store of the Future” Yields Retailing Insights in Real Time ]

McKinsey & Co., the global consulting giant with $10 billion in annual revenue, opened a pop-up luxury goods store this fall in the Mall of America in Minneapolis. It’s a laboratory where the firm’s clients are studying consumer behavior and experimenting with the digital tools that will define the future of retail. McKinsey’s research approach is novel and, after just two months in operation,...

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[ The Video-First Future of Ecommerce ]

https://a16z.com/2019/12/05/video-first-ecommerce/ In the future, we’re all going to be shopping on video apps like TikTok. Whether you’re buying instant noodles or high-end sweaters, it has become increasingly clear that short video clips are the future of ecommerce. Think of them as compulsively watchable commercials—with a direct link to buy. In the US, the usual monetization system for video is limiting. On YouTube, the biggest online video platform, compensation is still largely driven through through ads. But for most creators, that amounts to...

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[ How will Advertisements affect your Holiday Season? ]


We all know that the advertisements popping up on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and our other various social media and shopping platforms are there for a reason. Paid researchers know just what we like, when we like it, and where to place it in order to get the traffic they're looking for. In an article recently published by MarketingLand, the giants of the Holiday season have made huge peaks in site...

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[ Keeping up with the eCommerce Trends ]


Curious about what eCommerce trends are going to be taking over in the new year? This article by Core DNA gives you just the outline you were hoping to find. Learn about trends from "Adopting the fast-fashion mindset," to "eCommerce goes headless," in this quick go-to list. Read the article

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[ Disney and Amazon Reach new Partnership amidst Dispute ]


With the upcoming Disney+/Amazon launch (set to release on November 12th,) spectators are curious to see how the two industry giants have come to an agreement over advertising, and issue which previously played a massively problematic role in the deal. Specifically, the issues arose about the advertising rights in regards to Disney's apps, including ABC, ESPN, and the Disney Channel. Learn about the implementation plans for this new partnership through the...

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[ Facebook’s Efforts to help Small Business’s prep for the Holidays ]

Facebook aims to stay ahead of the curve in every aspect possible- even in giving back to the community. As the holidays approach, the social media giant has decided to lend a hand in helping entrepreneurs reach their customer potential through a "Holiday Bootcamp."  Michelle Klein, Facebook's vice president of Global Business Marketing, said the company estimates that more than 140 million businesses currently use Facebook's application suite. With...

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[ Ride-Hailing Companies in the Fight Against California’s new Labor Bill ]


While California's new labor bill aims to protect "gig" workers' rights, new ride-hailing technologies such as Uber and Lyft are fighting the substantial changes. This new bill defines a 3 part outlined test that creates diversity among independent contractors who are not entitled to minimum wage and benefits. In contrast, the ride-hailing technologies argue that this model contradicts the ability to create a flexible employee-work relationship. Despite the opposition, multiple key...

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[ Walmart Picking up the Pace in the Race against Amazon ]

Taking notice of the successful third party vendor relationships Amazon has managed to profit from, Walmart has decided to get on board. This is the retailer's first attempt at outsourcing products and looks at Amazon's technical skills to enhance their product fulfillment through this new endeavor. They are titling this fee-based service "Fulfillment by Walmart," and anticipate it to move more items from outside merchants- specifically, those...

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[ Equinox vs. Peloton in the Evolution of at-home Exercise ]

The demand for a convenience-based lifestyle is quickly emerging, and luxury exercise companies- such as a competitors Pelaton and Equinox- are rising to the occasion. An article recently published by FastCompany debriefs Equinox's plans to diverge into the world of at-home equipment and streaming classes. In the $14B market of on-demand home fitness, top competitors in the industry are looking to introduce their presence through expanding portfolios and products...

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