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HUB Consulting India Amazon Walmart

[ U.S. Objects as India E-Commerce Rules hit Amazon and Walmart ]

HUB Consulting India Amazon Walmart The United States government has expressed concern about India’s revised e-commerce regulations, pointing out to officials in New Delhi that the policy will hinder the Indian investment plans of Amazon and Walmart. These new e-commerce investment rules kick in on Feb. 1, and they ban companies from selling products via firms in which they have an equity interest. The new rules also bar them from making deals with sellers...

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McKinsey design thinking at 50 Hub Consulting

[ Ten design practices to deliver business value ]

McKinsey design thinking at 50 Hub Consulting For those companies that get design right, the prizes are rich. The S&P 500 companies that invested most into design processes, capabilities, and leadership over the past decade, including design stalwarts such as Disney, Nike, and P&G, outperformed the rest of the index by 211 percent.

Design Thinking Approaches 50. Yet it is still Misunderstood.

McKinsey published a recent brief on design thinking as it nears its...

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Hub Consulting Nike NYC store opens

[ Nike Opens Nike NYC House of Innovation ]

Hub Consulting Nike NYC store opens NIKE, Inc. opened its new Nike House of Innovation on November 15. Nike NYC, as it is called, is a 68,000 sq. ft., six-level, cross-category premium Nike store, with a 650 Fifth Ave. address. Nike NYC is "the pinnacle expression of modern retail, representing the best of Nike global product, experiences and sport innovation," according to their press release. Powered by digital commerce data and inspired by...

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AI Artwork Sells Christies New York HUB Consulting post

[ Portrait by AI Program Sells for $432,000 at Auction ]

AI Artwork Sells Christies New York HUB Consulting post An artwork created by an artificially intelligent (AI) program has been sold at auction through Christie's in New York for $432,000, about 43 times the initial estimate of up to $10,000 by the auction house. The portrait is the first piece of AI art to go under the hammer at a major auction house. The sale attracted a significant amount of media attention, according...

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china hardware hack super micro HUB Consulting

[ The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies ]

HUB Consulting, microchip hack, china supermicro, technology theft, IP china hack An attack that used a tiny microchip installed onto Super Micro servers during the manufacturing process by sub-contractors in China reached almost 30 U.S. companies, including Amazon and Apple, compromising America’s technology supply chain, according to extensive interviews with government and corporate sources.
Nested on the servers’ motherboards, testers found a tiny microchip, not much bigger than...

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Artificial Intelligence Hiring Tools HUB Consulting

[ Artificial Intelligence: The Robots Are Now Hiring ]

Artificial Intelligence Hiring Tools HUB Consulting Nearly all Fortune 500 companies now use some form of automation in their hiring process, as noted in this Wall Street Journal article. From robot avatars interviewing job candidates to computers weeding out potential employees by scanning keywords in resumes, these companies are looking at AI tools to help. And more and more companies are using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to assess possible employees. This...

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Vishnevskiy Discord Startup Gamers HUB Consulting

[ Discord Startup May Connect 2.6 Billion Online Gamers ]

Vishnevskiy Discord Startup Gamers HUB Consulting Discord is a voice, video, and text chat platform that connects individuals with a shared passion for video and computer games. More than 90 million people worldwide use it to communicate with friends or strangers, be it while playing an online game like Fortnite or simply to discuss the latest trend in cryptocurrency. "My whole life I've always tried to make websites or apps that connect people together,"

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Fortune Brainstorm Design Singapore HUB

[ How UX Is Being Changed by New Technology ]

Fortune Brainstorm Design Singapore HUB User experience (UX) has already been established as a battleground for companies to distinguish themselves in the world of digital design. But panelists at the the first day of the Fortune, Time, and Wallpaper* Brainstorm Design conference in Singapore cited new technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and “Internet of Things” devices as trends presenting new opportunities for companies to meet ever-rising customer expectations and adjust...

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