Adobe Clients Gain Access to Real-Time Digital Analytics

Adobe Acquisition of Analytix from comScore Will Enable Development of Cross-Screen Digital Analytics Improvements


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As a company that specializes in digital and web engineering staffing, content management and more, Hub Consulting keeps a steady pulse on current market trends to help companies stay ahead. Recently, Adobe acquired Analytix from comScore, an online tracking measurement firm. Analytix was previously comScore’s data intelligence service, which was sold in an effort to readjust business offerings. In order to streamline efforts, Comscore seeks for company growth by minimizing offerings and focusing on product specialization.

Adobe takes a different approach and hopes to grow by providing variety and more services to the enterprises it serves. Currently, their marketing cloud operation works well with any industry, from mobile development staffing agencies to IT companies. Their acquisition of Analytix reveals their plan to improve and offer big data technology that will assist their clients.

Businesses using Adobe now have access to real time information that will enable them to create stronger marketing strategies. Before their acquisition from Adobe, Analytix offered multi-platform unification, video measurement, live segmentation, advanced reporting, e-commerce and campaign measurement and more.  Businesses under Adobe during the recent acquisition received a seamless transition that gives them access to new features under Analytix infrastructure.

In a recent announcement on the Adobe blog, Bill Ingram of Adobe Analytics and Adobe social explains how this acquisition is expected to expand their business footprint into international markets. Adobe suspects that their new platform will also offer increased benefits to enterprises already involved in the current marketing operation.

Adobe’s ability to provide live, real-time information and robust analytics will give every Adobe partner an advantage in business decision-making. Ingram sums up Adobe’s anticipation in the following quote from “I couldn’t be more thrilled to see prediction, machine learning and simple user experiences converge to serve the analytics needs of the world’s most innovative brands.”

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