Android Dev

San Francisco, CA – FTE or Contract to Hire

FinTech start up- reinventing banking


You’re an Android Developer who loves to create beautiful consumer products. You’ve developed complex applications with elaborate user interface elements and mixed various transitions and animations. You know that any little detail can impact the user experience and some of them may even require a more indepth look into any given codebase : startup time, animation frame rate, intelligent error handling and so on.

Your motto: the only way to achieve a maximum level of quality is to live day and night with the product you develop and be the first user of your application. You feel right at home in fast paced environments where you’ll be constantly outside your comfort zone.

Above all, you want to be proud to be part of a team whose passion, independence and curiosity are the main drivers. You want to learn and become the best in your field.
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You have a few years of experience with Android programming, having followed a few evolutions of the platform. You know by heart all the new features of Lollipop, Marshmallow and even Nougat, and memorized the ratio of users on each of them. Fragment, activity, and services are words that are not foreign to you. You know when to user Google Play Services, what their limitations are, as well as which useful library are available (Retrofit, Glide, Picasso, RxJava…). Pixel perfect is now a habit and laggy rendering drives you mad.

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