Digital Staffing Needs More Women – Barriers and Networking

From IoT to UX Design, Digital Staffing Needs Some Gender Balance

Tech Jobs Need More Women

As the tech industry expands, women are missing out on equal job opportunities for iot staffing, mobile development, ux/ui design work and digital staffing in general. Since women account for nearly 50% of college graduates, why are only 30% of them staffed within the tech industry? More often than not, you’ll find a woman receptionist operating as the sole female within a tech firm. What’s the cause of such disproportionate representation within the tech industry? The arguments behind this mystery are both heated and complex. But as this controversial discussion continues, companies specializing in digital staffing in San Francisco, the Silicon Valley and other Metropolitan areas are looking for ways to address the issues full force.

Many women have to fight preconceived notions about their abilities within this male dominated industry. Traditionally speaking, math and science have been viewed as “masculine fields” which might have discouraged women in their educational process the pursue computer science, engineering and other forms of technical fields. To combat this notion, organizations like Girls Who Code and TechGirls are creating opportunities for women to learn, and providing female role models that will inspire women to pursue tech degrees.

It’s also important to get more women-led venture funding. It is extremely tough for women entrepreneurs to receive venture funding, partly because the venture capitalist model is male-driven. Lack of female representation continues to perpetuate this cycle of little to no women involvement. Today, only 9.7 percent of partners at venture capital firms are women. The male-driven VC process tends to lend towards male startups. After male-driven startups are invested in, these businesses have board members that are all men , which continues to feed the male-dominated business model. Taking a close look at the male-dominated VC cycle is another way to address this diversity gap.

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The diversity gap is both huge and complicated. Tech roles in big companies like Facebook, which have an overwhelming male presence of 84%, show how far we need to progress. It’s going to take more than female mentoring programs and women venture capitalists to turn this trend around completely. Find tech positions in mobile, digital, technical development and ux/ui design staffing agencies like Hub Consulting today, we have several job openings in the Bay Area available now!

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