FinTech: Digital Disruption in Finance

Finances Industry is Upping Digital Staffing as the FinTech Revolution Begins


Financial Technology, also known as FinTech, is changing the way many do finance. The financial services industry is continuing to evolve and adapt as technology advances. Innovation in the financial industry has introduced peer to peer financial platforms, mobile wallets, payment processing, and basically, anything that makes transitions quicker and more efficient.

Both banks and retailers are having to adjust to the shift to the online world. As consumers continue to move their processing behaviour to apps, online websites and mobile devices, businesses that were previously strong are being challenged to adapt. Newer companies who focus on mobile development and are offering people online options are starting to outperform older and more established brick and mortar companies, and the best way for older business to maintain themselves during this shift is to adapt.

One of the reasons consumers are shifting over to FinTech is because it’s easy to use. According to, 43.4 percent of those who use modern fintech solutions, switched over simply because it was easy to get started. All it requires is an email or a simple download button of an app. Now there is no need to wait in long lines or the telephone just to collect paperwork or information. Much of the information needed to get started is a click or a swipe away.

The opportunity for fintech investment is huge and continues to increase. Currently, there is $25.8 billion in funding that is within the industry. In addition, within the next two years, banks will continue to hire more digital staffing and about half of them have plans to improve or open up technical innovation for their business.

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