Ten design practices to deliver business value


For those companies that get design right, the prizes are rich. The S&P 500 companies that invested most into design processes, capabilities, and leadership over the past decade, including design stalwarts such as Disney, Nike, and P&G, outperformed the rest of the index by 211 percent.

Design Thinking Approaches 50. Yet it is still Misunderstood.

McKinsey published a recent brief on design thinking as it nears its 50th birthday. It found that many companies still struggle to realize value from design. “While the concept of “design thinking” emerged as far back as 1969, and while many companies have tried to adopt its principles, relatively few have made true shifts in growth and profitability through design. Fewer still have been able to prove concretely the exact value of the design actions they’ve taken.”

McKinsey has found some patterns within all the different approaches to applying design thinking concepts. They found that “those that succeed often follow ten best practices.”

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