Dissecting User Experience

Importance of UI, user experience, digital staffingIn today’s technological world, it may be easy to ignore user experience, particularly when it comes to trivial questions regarding icons, colors, or the position of a button on a screen. However, you should keep in mind that bad user experience can be quite costly, and has the potential to manifest into something much bigger.

Some IT leaders may roll their eyes whenever representatives of Google or Apple talk exceptionally well about their new interface element. However, how about you try considering the counter effect and costs that such companies would have to incur if they had to train users on how to operate every device and software released phase by phase, it would be a fundamental undertaking with no end in sight.

Importance of good user experience in regards to ROI

Just like with any other good investment, creating the right kind of user experience will provide you with an ideal ROI, especially when you hire a new staff member, or add users to an upgraded system through business changes. This is because they will only need to proceed with the distribution of the app since you won’t have to teach them how to train users on operating practices.

Some technological leaders are sometimes fond of dismissing the importance of good user experience. They believe that this is aspect particularly intended for designers or for those charged with making a variety of applications appear pretty to the extent that funding and time will allow. Even though the visual elements of any application play a critical role in its success, usability capabilities are an item that should not be forgotten. If you do so, your ROI can be affected negatively.

When it comes to ROI, it is important that you put the right people in the right places, and assign them with work projects they are best suited for. This means that in order to experience maximum ROI, you cannot put a UI programmer in charge of a hardware development project, and hiring just a graphic designer won’t complete the entire user experience package. To see maximum ROI, user experience must be met by a wide range of experts, some of which include an Experience App or Website Architect, UX Designer, and Interaction Designer.

Before you launch any new applications, it would be a wise move to have a plan on how you intend to ensure ultimate user experience. This is the only way you will be able to achieve a maximum ROI. Make sure you involve experts who understand different segments of the market, and borrow ideas and criticisms offered on various consumer platforms.

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