Where UX/UI Design Staff Meets Product Management: 5 Tips to Avoid Bad Business Relationships

Web Engineering Staffing Must Manage Conflicting Personalities


Establishing a new process or product is hard work. It becomes even more complicated when there are multiple parties needed to complete the task. With the rise of UX, product managers are now having to look more closely at user experience, how it functions, techniques associated with the domain and other key factors. When UX designers and product managers need to work together, it’s important to establish a good relationship. In addition to working with UX/UI design staffing agencies to choose the best talent, consider the following characteristics when looking to establish a good relationship.

The Resident “Know it All”

Most of us know at least one, but it gets tricky when you’re working with that person. Are you a UX designer working with a product manager who claims to know all the answers? Are they open to input or bent on proving their point? If you’re working partner likes to have his or her way, it will likely take time and patience to get your point across. Consider introducing a process that is based on your UX work. Even if the process is simple, just having a roadmap that outlines the products you’ll produce will help clarify goals and create a platform to receive honest feedback that’s within your control.


If a web engineering staffing company placed you in a new position, you might find yourself in the middle of company politics and egotistical power trips. If you feel like you’re battling the manager just to get your job done, you should definitely watch how you handle yourself. Product managers should have a sense of entitlement over the end product since they are ultimately responsible, but they need to also have an appreciation for the user’s experience and how it can assist them. To deal with those tough personalities, talk less and show more. Instead of getting in a verbal battle with the product manager, find ways to illustrate ideas so that they can clearly understand your proposal through clear visuals. This will help them consider your key points, and may even encourage them to use your suggestions.

Loan Ranger

Like the words out of a young toddler, “mine” describes the “me only” mentality that some product managers hold. Having their opinion only, often isn’t sufficient enough to create the best user experience. Combine process and relevant data to support your claims as you develop the UX. Consider past customer comments, both good and bad, while you’re working on a solution. You can also get current customer and user input, and present this along with the design and flow you’ve made.

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