Finding the Right Talent: Mastering UX Design Staffing

Great UX Design Help Your Online Business to Succeed

Mastering UX Design Staffing

Exceptional UX design staffing is essential to the successful launch of any new technological product. From a business standpoint, having an easy-to-use interface instead of a clunky, cumbersome one is the difference between n a product taking off or faltering. The best advice for companies who want to succeed is to simply work with the best personnel available.

As simple as this may seem, locating and finding the right UX/UI design staffing personnel can be a big challenge. Just because someone looks qualified on paper, or can ask a few basic questions, doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for your company. If you’re getting ready to expand your eCommerce business, want to launch a new website for your product, or are looking to promote some new technology, consider the following when searching for the best employees.


A strong background in the related field is an obvious benefit to your company. However, UX designers don’t have backgrounds just in your company’s field. Ideally, they have experience in different disciplines. UX design is more than just nice looking graphics and button placement. A good UX designer recognizes that there is a bit of psychology involved and they make decisions that are tailored around the user’s behavior. A UX designer with a history in cognitive psychology or something similar is a real bonus.


Knowing and understanding the user, is key to being able to predict their behavior. A well prepared UX expert will undergo substantial research on users before creating designs. This can take many forms but may also require out-of-office research. Don’t confuse usability testing with user research. User research is a proactive step while usability testing is a reactive tool. The best UX designers will start with user research first.

Professional Walk-Throughs

Your typical UX designer can conduct a walk-through and identify obvious design errors. A seasoned or learned professional however, will dig deeper to locate issues that are beneath the surface. A UX expert might begin inquiring about your users and their tasks in order to determine why your design could potentially fail. Their analysis might locate technical and strategic issues like interrupted flow, cognitive loading, required knowledge and more. An expert will be able to walk through the current design and clearly identify setbacks in the design itself, instead of superficial observations (like button color). They’ll also be able to explain in detail the reason for their suggestions.

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Get Help With UX/UI Design Staffing in the Bay Area

There are many more characteristics to a great UX designer, but this is a good starting point for businesses looking to hire. To learn more about San Francisco Bay Area UX design staffing, front-end development staffing, or other forms of technical staffing, contact us today for assistance finding the talent you need to help your business succeed. Hub Consulting can be reached via contact form here or by phone at (415) 361-5234

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