Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter Have a Surprising New Threat: Blockchain

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Content creation and distribution on the internet have traditionally been done through big corporations. Companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are the biggest hubs for people to post and share their works, whether writing, video, picture, or some other form of media.


Other users on these networks then ‘like’, ‘share’, or in some other way boost that content for greater attention. The whole process allows users and creators alike to move content into the mainstream.


However, with all this work going on, the main beneficiaries of the system are the hubs–the centralized content managers. Apart from advertising services, most content creators who are seeking to be entrepreneurial in their business model have few ways to monetize their work product, and the value they’ve inserted into their art is stripped from them by corporations.


That’s all about to change.


One potential change is coming through companies seeking to apply blockchain technology to disrupt the way content is delivered and accessed on the internet.


Blockchain is the technology that supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It allows for a distributed ledger (a database that is stored on all network computers at once) which can allow all users access to the same data at the same time, securely.


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