How will Advertisements affect your Holiday Season?


We all know that the advertisements popping up on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and our other various social media and shopping platforms are there for a reason. Paid researchers know just what we like, when we like it, and where to place it in order to get the traffic they’re looking for. In an article recently published by MarketingLand, the giants of the Holiday season have made huge peaks in site traffic via advertisements in recent previous years. In 2018, specifically, Google Shopping accounted for 48% of all Google searches. However, while Google and Amazon have created big pushes toward holiday shopping in seasons past, researchers wonder if this trend will continue on its upward rise or come to a stagnant halt. While it is possible that Google may produce another push, some researchers claim that we shouldn’t be surprised if the company has used up all of its power with respect to expanding these ad units to the extent observed at the end of 2018.

So, how will Amazon line up in comparison? While we may have expected it look similar to that of Google, it happens to be the opposite. There are many factors that point to this outcome; First and foremost, the fact that Amazon’s impressions share is now more than double what apparel retailers saw last December and has held at a steady rate for the last three months. Additionally, in other categories such as home goods, furniture, and electronics, all signs point to Amazon showing its superiority over Google Shopping this holiday season. While it’s unlikely for Amazon’s fourth-quarter strategy to be unfolded to the public (let alone, their opponent!), it can be safely assumed that the foundation seems to be laid for an even bigger holiday presence than before.

The full article details some very specific trends to look out for, as well as significant graphs and stats to help you make some conclusions of your own. Read the full article here.

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